From Insight to Action

The Raxia Decision Engine uses unique contextual data to personalize patient journeys at scale.

Personalization at Scale

Without personalization, web communication technologies neglect individual needs and preferences and, as a result, undermine the promise of digital transformation. Healthcare is personal and the digital patient journey should be personal too. The Raxia Decision Engine learns your data, your patients, your practice to offer genuinely personalized journeys at scale that automate intake, activate patient engagement, and prevent revenue loss.

Real-time Insights for Real Meaningful Outcomes

People signal their preferences, intentions, needs, and wants with every click, page view, and page scroll. Health systems that have the tools to make sense of these digital footprints and clues can create relevant and personalized messaging and interactions that deliver meaningful outcomes.

Meeting the Expectations of the Modern Digital Consumer

Digitally native companies have established high consumer expectations for online convenience and easy access. Consumers have projected these expectations onto all commercial transactions — including those that take place in healthcare. Yet the healthcare industry has only just begun its digital transformation, often adopting technology a decade old that is greeted with indifference by patients. By contrast, the Raxia platform delivers the most modern data-driven user experience to exceed expectations and truly transform the patient journey.

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