Contactless Check-In

Raxia’s Contactless Check-In Protects Your Patients and Your Staff
Perform CMS-guided COVID-19 symptom screening safely from your patient’s own mobile device.
Eliminate Bottlenecks at Check-In
Automate your patient check-in process, screen for COVID-19 symptoms, and collect payments in a few steps while complying with CDC and CMS guidelines for safely reopening your medical practice.

No Waiting Rooms

Even as states open, 52% of patients forgo necessary medical appointments over safety concerns. Office appointments are down by as much as 85%. Welcome your patients back safely with our no-waiting-room workflows.

No Clipboards, No Waiting Rooms, Just Safe Screening

Protect patients and staff by conducting COVID-19 screening at the time of appointment using your patients’ own mobile devices. Remove unnecessary face-to-face encounters from your check-in process and go touch-free with Raxia’s Contactless Check-In.

Problems with the Quickly Adopted Screening Method
Problems with Quickly Adopted Screening Method

High risk of exposure for staff and patients

Social distancing protocols are often broken

Constantly replacing PPE

Raxia’s Contactless Check-In Eliminates the Face-to-Face Risks

Raxia's Contactless Check-In

Keeps patient and staff members safe

Secure and reliable

More efficient workflow


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