Raxia’s Platform Transforms
The Patient Billing Experience

Patient financial engagement should be more than paper bills and collection calls.


Why Raxia?

Raxia saves healthcare providers and patients from the growing
challenges associated with higher out-of-pocket patient expenses.


Raxia revolutionizes how patients anticipate, manage and pay for healthcare through positive patient financial engagement.

AI Powered Message Tracks
93% of consumers rank paying medical bills as a low priority resulting in healthcare bills being the most consistently delinquent of all billing categories. Personalized digital billing reminders and message tracks, optimized by our AI algorithms, motivate patients to pay on time and reduce the number of accounts that need to be referred to a collection agency.
Digital Billing the Raxia Way
88% of patients demand more straightforward healthcare bills. Confusing paper medical bills that lack transparency and don’t connect services, dates, and costs make it difficult for patients to pay their bills.

Raxia’s digital billing system ties multiple provider statements — from a hospital visit or due to a medical event — to better convey to patients why they owe what they owe. Increased transparency, billing history, and plain English explanations of service (accessible via mobile and desktop) motivate patients to prioritize paying their medical bills.

A Modern Retail Payment Experience

Too few payment options, limited customer interfaces, and manual bill processing all slow down remittance and erode customer satisfaction.

Free your patients from these barriers: Let them pay their bills however they want whenever they want, 24 hours a day with a credit card, check, e-check, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal — over web, mobile, or text.

Accelerate payments and bolster revenue capture with a modern customer experience from Raxia.

For Providers: Analytics and AR KPIs

Understand what drives your patients to pay on-time with Raxia’s comprehensive analytics.

With our easy-to-use provider interface, revenue cycle managers can reconcile accounts, improve workflows, view AR KPIs, and access current balances. The Raxia platform gives you unprecedented visibility into your patient payment processes.


For Patients

With Raxia, patients can anticipate, manage, and pay healthcare bills with ease. Comprehensive digital bills clearly specify why patients owe what they owe which reduces uncertainty. Our omni-channel payment platform and finance options make paying bills effortless and convenient. Finally, patients can configure a preferred communications channel and we’ll notify them about new bills and bills remaining to be paid.

For Providers

Raxia automates the patient billing and collections process to reduce the cost to collect and modernize patient financial engagement. Our provider analytics show you what drives your patients to pay on-time. Digital bills, patient payment notifications, workflow optimization, and omni-channel payment capabilities make it easier to collect patient receivables on-time.


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