Data-driven Patient Interactions
That Inspire Action

Match patients with the right digital journey to improve operations, unify digital touchpoints and prevent revenue loss. 

AI + Behavioral Design = Activation

Raxia’s decision engine uses AI to anticipate patient needs and characterize their inclinations. Automatically deliver timely, personalized digital experiences that prompt action across multiple channels and devices.

Integrate, Automate, then Celebrate​

With Raxia RPA Data Aggregation and Task Automation

Compatible with any number of cloud EHRs. Reliable read/write data capability. Accurate, consistent, and compliant. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) frees your revenue cycle staff from the headaches of heterogeneous data wrangling. Bring it all together with Raxia RPA.

Accomplish Your Goals

Compelling digital journeys that activate patient engagement 
through truly personalized automation at scale.

Patient Self Check-In
Decrease in Patient AR

Based on current Raxia customer data. Results may vary.

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